Electrostatic Painting: Metal Surfaces Look Like New

Electrostatic Painting is achieved by putting an electrical charge into the paint.

The surface to be painted then attracts and draws the paint to it much like a magnet.

With transfer efficiencies to 95%, electrostatic painting provides an on-site solution to refinishing metal office and shop furniture, lockers, fences and other structures.

electrostatic painting is based on the principal of magnetism; opposites attract. The object to be painted is grounded or given a negative charge. The paint is given a positive charge and atomized in a special revolving disc. Instead of being blown on using compressed air, the paint is actually sucked on the surface to be painted. The object attracts the paint just like a magnet attracts metal.

Electrostatic painting has many advantages over other types of paint spray applications. The system is a highly efficient technology for the application of paint to specific work pieces, minimizing over spray.

  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Wrought Iron, Railing & Stairs
  • Door & Window Mullions
  • Utility Compounds & Rooftop HVAC
  • Parking Structures & Light Poles


Advantages of Electrostatic Painting

l Transfer efficiencies as high as 95%

l Excellent quality finishes

l Reduced clean up and maintenance

l Drift and waste virtually eliminated

l Reduced emission and hazardous material disposal exposure

l No requirement for atomization air or high fluid pressure

l Uniform finishing of tube, rod, and wire screen from one side


The metal object to be painted is grounded and as the applicator completes the circuit by activating the gun, the static field transfers the paint to the object being painted. Without the electrical charge the paint would be flung all around.

Material transfer is up to 95% and the wrapping characteristics of this process allow many objects to be painted form one side with just one pass.

On a typical pool fence ordinary spray applications require four or more passes from different angles and directions. With our method one pass covers 70% to 90% with the balance covered with a final pass. Varying designs and sizes require adjusting the application technique. But, the above example shows the advantage of Ransburg #2 electrostatic spraying system.

Electro Static can add more life and value to your wrought-iron pool or security fences, metal lockers, and security doors.


  • School Lockers
  • Wrought Iron Fencing
  • Metal Office Furniture
  • Metal Railings
  • Metal Doors and Jambs
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Gates
  • Light Poles
  • Corrals
  • Store Front Window Frames
  • Pipes