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Creating a slip-resistant, concrete pool-deck surface can be achieved  applying a slip-resistant coating. Any finish or coating should also preserve the concrete through exposure to sun, heat, cold, or rain and resist mold and mildew. While there are many coatings, finishes, and techniques designed for concrete pool decks, we have a kool deck paint that will suite Arizona Heat.

Creative Man Kool Deck Process

Our process also adds longevity to your existing concrete and will not absorb stains like most concrete floors. We do not just paint your floor. We have a 6
step process that takes 2 to 3 days for the average kool deck to complete the application. 

1- We make sure your floor is properly cleaned with a power washer and etched so that the epoxy will adhere.

2- This can be accomplished by grinding or treating with a scrub of  muriatic acid.

3- We power wash the acid and apply lemon ammonia to neutralize any acid that was used to etch the
floor and to insure the pores of the concrete are clean with another high pressure 3200 psi power washer.

4- Once we have properly cleaned the floor we will use a special Veron Primer 155p to properly seal of the floor and aquire a good adhesion to the floor.

5- We repair all cracks and caulk all edges where bugs and spiders like to hide.

6- We apply a thick coat of deck cote 122 kool deck paint chemical resistant UV protectant. This would be the final satin coat if you are looking for a solid color look for your kool deck floor. Remember that there are many colors of kool deck paint to choose from

High quality Products used by Creative Man Painting

( We can use any product you desire, but we highly recommend using our products to ensure a good quality floor. We use this product that is top of the line in epoxy coatings, and that shows a little of it in our estimates, but we can consider using other cheaper products that will cost down on your budget and do the job, but we would recommend using this product, even though it is a little more costly, it is worth every penny spent.)

Max-Bond 155 Primer- Max-Bond 155 Waterborne Epoxy Coating is a two component, epoxy coating that provides excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces with exceptional solvent and abrasion resistance. More...

Deck-Cote 122- Waterborne Acrylic Pool Deck and Patio Coat is a satin finish coating made with Acrylic Resins and epoxy binding agents. Designed for exterior and interior pre-primed surfaces. More...

Due to the many variables in computer monitor settings the sample colors shown below may not be accurate and should only be used as a reference. Creative Man Painting  has samples that they will provide for you for best guide for final color selection. There are so many color themes to choose from and a wide variety of solid colors to choose from. These are just samples of some of the samples we have.

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