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Garage"]rage"]Garage floors, like all concrete surfaces, must be properly prepared before coatings can be applied. Proper preparation ensures years of adhesion between concrete and coating surface. On the other hand, poorly prepared surfaces eventually fail because of poor adhesion of floor coatings.
The key principle in cement preparation is coarseness--coatings adhere more reliably and durably to coarse surfaces. Of course, cement surfaces must also be clear of waxes, polishes, and oils.
If you have an unfinished garage floor in your home, and your home was built in the most recent few decades, it is likely that your garage floor was machine-trowelled. Machine-trowelling is a process by which a large circular disk (think of a big Frisbee, upside down) is spun over a recently poured concrete surface. Trowelling smoothes the surface of the concrete and forces the aggregate (sand and small stones) deeper into the concrete, revealing a smooth, uniform surface. Trowelling produces a higher-quality concrete finish--unfortunately, however, machine-trowelling produces a surface that is generally too smooth and shiny to reliably accept a floor coating.
Thus, trowelled floors must be coarsened before they are coated. Concrete is coarsened in two ways. One way is by acid etching (usually by muriatic acid), and the other is by physical grinding. Acid etching is achieved by simply applying a liquid acid solution to the concrete. Acid reacts with concrete and corrodes the surface, thereby roughening it. Acid etching must be followed by a thorough cleaning.
An epoxy floor gives you a beautiful, functional, and durable surface which will last for years. In addition to its beauty and style, an epoxy floor is very easy to clean and is resistant to oil, grease, hot tire marks, petroleum products, antifreeze and chemicals. Our epoxy floors use a flake flooring texture helping to provide slip resistance.
Our Applications Include:
  • Garage Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Patio's
  • Walkways
  • Stoops & Porches
Epoxy 3

 Creative Man Epoxy Garage Process

Our process also adds longevity to your existing concrete and will not absorb stains like most concrete floors. We do not just paint your floor. We have a 9
step process that takes 2 to 4 days for the average garage to complete the application. 

1- We make sure your floor is properly cleaned with a power washer and etched so that the epoxy will adhere.

2- This can be accomplished by grinding or treating with a scrub of  muriatic acid.

3- We power wash the acid and apply lemon ammonia to neutralize any acid that was used to etch the
floor and to insure the pores of the concrete are clean with another high pressure 3200 psi power washer.

4- Once we have properly cleaned the floor we will use a special Veron Primer 155p to properly seal of the floor and aquire a good adhesion to the floor.

5- We repair all cracks and caulk all edges where bugs and spiders like to hide.

6- We apply a thick coat special epoxy slurry formula chemical resistant  Veron 255 Epoxy paint. This would be the final coat if you are looking for a solid color look for your garage floor. Remember that there are many colors of epoxy to choose from. If you are looking for the granite look we continue with the steps below.

7- When applying the Veron 255 coat we will be applying the desired look of the acrylic chips( many color themes to choose from). We can apply the light chip specs or the full chip specs depending on the look you would like to acquire.

8- Once the epoxy has dried, we will come and scrape any excess chips front he floor and sand smooth the floor to give it a smooth surface. We apply a clear coat Veron 235 chemical and abrasion gloss clear coat that will not chip or yellow and will
repel most liquids for a very long time.

9- Once the first coat of Veron 235 clear coat has dried, we will apply the second coat of Veron 246 Clear Gloss coat that is a UV protectant. Top-Poly246 provides strong chemical resistance and non-yellowing for use on exterior and interior

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the surface UV resistant, will it yellow?

All our epoxies & polyurethanes have UV inhibitors in them, and will never turn yellow.

How long before I can walk on the floor?
We will need 5 days construction time.  For solids there will be a total of 2 thick coats of epoxy formulas, for granite effects there will be a total of 5 coats of different types of epoxy formulas.
Our quality epoxies take time to cure,  you may walk on the floor the next day after the last coat was applied, and you may drive 5 days after the last coat has dried.

Can I apply Epoxy-Coat over an existing coating?
Epoxy-Coat can be coated over existing paints/coatings by simply making sure the existing coatings are cleaned, sanded (80-100 grit) and bonding. All areas that are not bonding must be diamond ground to remove loose coatings prior to Epoxy-Coat application.

High quality Products used by Creative Man Painting

( We can use any product you desire, but we highly recommend using our products to ensure a good quality floor. We use this product that is top of the line in epoxy coatings, and that shows a little of it in our estimates, but we can consider using other cheaper products that will cost down on your budget and do the job, but we would recommend using this product, even though it is a little more costly, it is worth every penny spent.)

 UV- Glaze 235 -Solvent UV-Glaze 235 is a Solvent Acrylic Urethane Coating is a high solids, two-component, gloss finish coating designed for superior performance, where high-gloss, hot tire resistance, chemical and abrasion resistance are preferred. More..

Top-Polu 246 - Top-Poly 246 Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Coating is a high solids, high build chemical resistant two-component, gloss finish, aliphatic polyurethane coating. Top-Poly246 provides strong chemical resistance and non-yellowing for use on exterior and interior pre-primed concrete surfaces. Typical surfaces for use of this product are aircraft hangars, automotive repair shops, service stations, show rooms, factory floors, garage floors, and many other commercial high traffic surfaces. More..

Max-Bond 155 Primer- Max-Bond 155 Waterborne Epoxy Coating is a two component, epoxy coating that provides excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces with exceptional solvent and abrasion resistance. More...

High- Solids Epxy Paint- High-Solids Epoxy 255 is a low viscosity, 100% solids epoxy system designed as an aggregate binder and sealer. High-Solids Epoxy 255 is used as a primer-sealer, self-leveling slurry, broadcast and troweled mortar systems. More..

Light Brown, Sand, and White on Pebble Beach Small Chip 1/8" Medium Spread

Black Canyon Small 1/8" Full Chip

Quartzsite Large 1/4" Full Chip

Quartzsite Small 1/8" Full Chip

Gold Canyon Large 1/4" Full Chip

Santana W/White Large 1/4" Full Chip


Pebble Beach


Silver Grey

Pacific Grey

Executive Grey

Epoxy Floors

Due to the many variables in computer monitor settings the sample colors shown below may not be accurate and should only be used as a reference. Creative Man Painting  has samples that they will provide for you for best guide for final color selection. There are so many color themes to choose from and a wide variety of solid colors to choose from. These are just samples of some of the samples we have.

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Proper preparation ensures years of adhesion between concrete and coating surface. On the other hand, poorly prepared surfaces eventually fail because of poor adhesion of floor coatings.
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